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Support for new Google snippets will begin by the end of this week


Fresh IT news from Google arrived the other day. In its Twitter, the company announced that the settings for displaying search snippets, which were presented in September, will be available very soon .
The final preparations will take place within a couple of days. And by the end of this week, the new parameters will be available to users from all over the world.

We will remind that if earlier when working on the internal optimization of the site, users could hardly influence the appearance of the snippet (except to prohibit its display), now they have much more opportunities in their hands.
New directives for the robots meta tag
Google added 3 new directives to the robots meta tag:

  • "max-snippet:[number]" - tells the search engine the maximum text length (in characters) that should be displayed in the snippet;

  • "max-video-preview:[number]" - specifies the maximum duration (in seconds) for the video preview;

  • "max-image-preview:[value]" - defines the maximum size of the thumbnail that will be displayed for the page ("none", "standart", "large" parameters are allowed).

The old "nosnippet" directive has remained unchanged, with the help of which it is forbidden to display a fragment in search results.
All directives can be combined with each other in any order.

HTML attribute "data-nosnippet"

The new HTML attribute "data-nosnippet" is used for span, div and selection elements. With its help, you can prohibit the display of a specific fragment of the page in the search snippet.


data-nosnippet>Harry Houdini is the greatest American illusionist
If a user enters the query "greatest American illusionist", Google will not show the answer "Harry Houdini" in the snippet because of the HTML attribute.

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What does it give webmasters?

Webmasters reacted to this SEO news ambiguously. But let's take a closer look at future changes:

  • the ranking is not affected by the update in any way - only the appearance of the snippet will change and, accordingly, the CTR (if there is normal site hosting for fast page loading);
  • the new directives do not affect the extended results ;
  • you can change the length of the snippet at any time (changes are applied when the page is re-visited);
  • Google considers the new settings as directives , not as recommendations or tips;
  • the specified settings apply to both the desktop and mobile versions of the site.

These changes do not affect the external optimization of the site in any way - only the internal one.

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