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Rules for composing title and alt pictures


Properly filled Title and Alt images not only help search engines to understand the essence of the page. They can even bring additional traffic from Google and Yandex Images. What are image alt and title? These are attributes by which both search engines and site visitors better understand what is shown in the photo. Both of them - directly or indirectly - improve the behavioral factors and, accordingly, help to take good positions in distribution. The alt attribute of pictures is more needed for search engines, and the title - for users. But it is desirable to fill them both.

How to correctly use the Title attribute of pictures and where to find it?

What is the title of the picture? This is a tooltip that appears when you move the mouse cursor over the photo. Thanks to it, users better understand what is shown here. Title does not directly affect promotion, but indirectly it can. In particular, due to behavioral factors, because tips are always relevant. Especially if it is not clear what is shown in the image.

How to write the title of the picture? It is quite simple to follow simple recommendations:

  1. Write only important information. It should match the content of the image. Otherwise, Title will only push users away.
  2. Try not to make it too long. There are no restrictions here. But if the user sees a tip that is 2-3 lines long, he is unlikely to read it.
  3. Add one of the main keywords to the Title (if possible). Of course, search engines won't like it. But the user will make sure that this page is exactly relevant to his request.
  4. Avoid duplicates. Try that the Title content does not duplicate the H1, H2, H3 headings. Of course, it is difficult to achieve 100% uniqueness. But at least you can add the words "photo" or "screenshot" to the description.

Why is it so important to populate alt attributes?

The alt attribute is a parameter by which search engines understand what is shown in the photo. It improves the relevance of the page and is one of the important parameters for promotion. Therefore, it must always be filled. Otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to occupy higher positions in the issue.

As far as users are concerned, they see the alt attribute:

  • when viewing photos in "Image Search";
  • when the display of graphic content is disabled in the browser (this rarely happens, but it happens);
  • when the site is hosted on cheap hosting (images load slowly or are not displayed at all).

To fill in the alt attribute, follow these tips:

  1. Check that the alt fits the image and is relevant to the text located next to it.
  2. Stick to the optimal length - at least 3-4 words, but no more than 250 characters.
  3. Don't overuse keywords. You can insert them, but in a moderate amount. You should not write several keywords in a row at once - search engines will definitely consider this as spam. One main and a couple of additional requests are enough.
  4. Do not use commercial words. These include "buy", "order", "price". Exceptions are only pictures to which they really fit in terms of content (for example, a price list).

Now you know how to write alt and title for images and why they are needed. Of course, for internal optimization, a huge amount of work must be done: collect semantics, develop a competent structure, make a site map , optimize meta tags. But the alt and title of pictures are no less important, because this is also one of the main points that affects the success of the promotion of a web resource.

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