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Site micromarkup is additional page syntax that helps web crawlers better identify their content.

But it benefits not only search engines, but also visitors. After all, additional elements are added to the snippets of online stores, blogs and forums that have implemented micro-markup in the search results. For example, the price and availability of the product, the rating of the article or news and the number of comments left on it. The benefit that semantic markup brings to the promotion of the site is also invaluable - thanks to the additional elements in the snippets, they attract more attention of users and the probability that they will go to the site increases.

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The theory of micromarking

We already talked about what micromarking is at the beginning of the article. And now it's time to move on to the second question - what does it consist of. So, micro-markup consists of:

  • dictionary — a group of properties and attributes that determine the content of a site page.
  • syntax — a set of tags to define how the dictionary is used.

The most common dictionary of semantic layout is, developed in 2011. The first companies to use it were Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google. After some time, was also implemented in the artificial intelligence of Yandex search robots. It was from this period that webmasters and optimizers began to notice the impact of micro-markup on the position of their sites in search engine results. A feature of is ease of implementation on the site — the syntax of micromarkup is added to the HEAD or BODY section of the page.

The second popular dictionary is Open Graph. It was developed by the Facebook company so that the link to any online resource is displayed correctly when it is published on the social network. With the help of Open Graph, such data as the URL of the image, the language of the published material, the name of the site, etc. are indicated.

Why micromarking is so important

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned in a nutshell that semantic markup is an easy way to make snippets in the output attractive and attract more visitors to the site. In addition, the implementation of helps web crawlers understand web page content more accurately. And they begin to determine their relevance more effectively. And this, as you can easily guess, will allow the site to accelerate its movement to the first positions of issuance.

Knowing what semantic markup is, applying this knowledge and making sure that the recommendations from previous articles on the CityHost blog are followed (properly structured site structure , eliminated circular and broken links, etc.), you can be sure that your blog or Internet the store will soon start moving faster to the top 1 search results.

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