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How to create a site structure


The main components of a site that both visitors and search engines love:

  • relevance of information;
  • useful and easy-to-understand content;
  • expert texts without grammatical and spelling errors;
  • bright photos and videos placed on the pages;
  • social network buttons for sharing content;
  • correctly selected engine (previously we wrote about what a website CMS is and for which types of online resources which platform is better to choose);
  • well-thought-out internal linking;
  • high loading speed of web pages.

But an equally important element of a successful blog, online store or online portal is its competent structure.

The structure of the site is a hierarchical relationship of all pages. If you visualize the structure, it will mostly look like a pyramid, with the home page at the top and articles (for blogs), products (for online stores) or news (for news portals) at the bottom.

What is the structure of the site sections for?

You should devote maximum time to compiling the correct site structure for at least three reasons:

  1. SEO. The total weight of the site is distributed among web pages depending on the level of their nesting. Yes, the most "heavy" and, accordingly, the most important page of the resource in the eyes of search engines is the home page. The next level of nesting, which is product categories or headings of articles (news), also has a solid weight, but not as much as the weight of the main page. This point must be taken into account when creating the structure (construction) of the site and distributing key phrases.
  2. Usability. Confused navigation of an online resource can scare or annoy the visitor. And, as a result, he will go to look for information or goods from competitors. Design the structure in such a way that it is easy to understand how to get to the home page, to any of the categories, to the page with contact information, etc. at any time while on the site.
  3. Indexing. A search engine that enters a site with confusing navigation is unlikely to stay on it for long. And rather go to scan other sites, where everything is fine with the structure. Not only that, if during the next visit the crawler again encounters the incomprehensible navigation, it will visit this site before long

Pay attention! Another reason why a web robot begins to visit an online resource less often is the slow loading speed of web pages. Renting even the cheapest hosting on CityHost, you can be sure that the blog or online store hosted on it will fly!

How to create the right site structure

The development of a competent structure of an online store, blog or portal consists of three stages:

  1. Make a semantic core. It is in the process of selecting keywords that it will become clear which categories are redundant and which are missing. During the compilation of the semantic core, you will also understand which pages are not located where they should be. For example, they hide behind too deep nesting, while it is better for them to be located at the top of the pyramid mentioned at the beginning of the article.
  2. Study the structure of an online store (for example, a store of any of the competitors), which is promoted according to the same requests as yours. You don't need special tools for this - enter the keywords from the core collected at the first stage into the search engine and see if there is anything in common in the structure of the sites in the first three positions.
  3. Distribute keywords throughout the site. You must clearly understand which category will be promoted by which request. It is also important to know that clusters (groups) of the same keywords should be used to promote only one page.

After completing the third point, it will become clear where which page should be located in the hierarchy. And then the matter will remain small — to transfer to the site the structure that you have developed, defining for each of the categories a unique and understandable URL for both visitors and search engines.

Pay attention! If you create sites on WordPress and develop a structure for them, the Cyr-To-Lat plugin will help you automatically create human-understandable URLs.

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