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Useful services for competitor analysis


Currently, there are many services that are engaged in detailed analysis of competitors. The main goal is to find and study features, strengths and weaknesses.

When to conduct the analysis?

Examination should be carried out in the following cases:

  • before opening a business;
  • when looking for opportunities for promotion;
  • when preparing a prototype of the future design of the site.


There are several popular services that are used to study the competitive environment.

Hubspot's Marketing Grader

The main purpose is a complete overview of Internet marketing. Sequence of actions:

  • indicating the address of the competitor's website;
  • e-mail link (for sending information);
  • obtaining information from the analysis.

Using the program allows you to find the following data:

  • search optimization;
  • SMM and other indicators.
  • You can also analyze your site with Hubspot's Marketing Grader and compare it to your competitors.
  • Disadvantage - mandatory registration.

Yandex Wordstat

The main purpose of the service is SEO optimization and contextual advertising. With this tool, you can compile a list of the most frequently used queries. They are what users enter in the line when searching for information. The main requirement is that requests should be made in the language of the audience. Therefore, before the analysis, it is necessary to select relevant phrases.

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Yandex Wordstat displays requests for the previous month. You can also sort (by place of residence and other parameters). The "History of requests" tab shows statistics and dynamics for the past couple of years. It allows you to familiarize yourself with seasonality, growth and decline in audience demand.


It is considered one of the most useful and popular services. Registration is not mandatory. The main limitation is the number of requests.


  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • availability of useful functions (audit, keyword search, backlinks);
  • site position tracking.

Features of the analysis:

  • the ability to calculate bots (performed by a traffic surge);
  • study of contextual advertising of competitors (purchases, transitions, price characteristics of a click);
  • the procedure can be carried out according to various parameters (for example, keywords, country and others);

Simply Measured

An application for monitoring the activity of social networks. After installation and launch, Simply Measured automatically switches to a competitor's account on a social network (Twitter, Facebook) or YouTube channel. Thus, you can view subscribers, find out what words they enter when searching. The minus is the complicated and lengthy process of registering in the application.


One of the main tools for SEO specialists. The purpose is to carry out an analysis of competitors' sites in direct mode. The procedure is carried out on the basis of the study of the subject reference mass, keywords and other indicators.

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The service allows you to track the following indicators:

  • geographical location of visitors;
  • keyword detailing;
  • traffic of competitors;
  • activity;
  • advertising traffic.

Disadvantages - the possibility of providing inaccurate data, the need to install an extension.


Data collection is carried out based on search queries. The main tools of the service:

  • analysis of external links;
  • detection of parameters (level of demand, feedback, rating);
  • detailed monitoring of resources;
  • counter indicator.

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