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SSL/TLS traffic encryption in CloudFlare

Before starting, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the article about CloudFlare on our blog .

1. Log in to the CloudFlare control panel (abbreviated CF) ?

2. Go to the SSL/TLS ? Overview section, where you can choose one of the proposed encryption modes that will meet the needs of your site — Off , Flexible , Full or Full Strict .

What mode to choose

In most cases, for the correct operation of the site, you need to set the encryption mode:

Full mode — if the site uses an SSL certificate

Flexible mode — if the site does not use an SSL certificate .

Description of modes

Off - traffic encryption is not applied (not recommended).

Flexible - traffic encryption is only applied between the browser and CF, traffic between CF and the hosting server is not encrypted (not recommended)

Full — end-to-end encryption of traffic is used, requires the presence of any SSL certificate on the site, free or paid (recommended)

Full Strict — end-to-end encryption of traffic is used, therefore requires installation of an SSL certificate from CF on the hosting (recommended for advanced users)

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