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Connecting your domain to CloudFlare

Before starting, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the article about CloudFlare on our blog .

1. Register or login to the CloudFlare control panel (abbreviated СF) ?

2. Add a domain to the system that should work through CF on a free tariff plan.

3. The system will offer you to send the domain to their NS servers, do it according to the instructions . NS CF servers usually have the following form, where * is any word.

 * *

4. In the CF control panel, open the DNS ? Records section, additionally open the DNS section in the Cityhost company using the adjacent browser tab at the link ? . The goal is to open both sections of the DNS settings of both companies.

5. In the Cityhost company, go to the DNS settings of the domain whose settings you want to transfer to CloudFlare. To do this, click on the gear icon opposite the domain name. You will see records of different types - A, TXT, MX, etc.

6. In the CF control panel, create all the same DNS records that are contained in your domain in the Cityhost company. Your goal is to transfer absolutely all DNS settings of the domain, without this step, the domain will not work, or will not work fully.

7. Make sure that the main DNS records in the CF control panel are marked as Proxied, this will to some extent guarantee you the protection of the domain through the CF servers.

Importantly! By directing the domain to the NS servers, the management of the domain's DNS records is transferred from the Cityhost company to the CloudFlare company. All DNS records that have been created or will be created in the future within the framework of the Cityhost company will not have an impact on the domain.

Importantly! Connecting a domain to CF is the first step in solving problems with malicious traffic, see the adjacent instructions for strengthening protection.

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