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Protection against malicious traffic and DDOS in CloudFlare

Before starting, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the article about CloudFlare on our blog .

1. Log in to the CloudFlare control panel (abbreviated CF) ?

2. Go to Security ? Bots ? where you enable Bot Fight Mode .

3. Go to the section Security ? Settings ? where switch the option Security Level ? High or I'm under attack depending on the level of the threat that needs to be filtered. If a large amount of malicious traffic or a DDOS attack is carried out at the time the protection is enabled, enable the I'm under attack mode.

4. In addition, if you need to block malicious traffic from a specific country, you can do it in the Security ? WAF section, where you will need to create a rule according to which the traffic will be processed, or rather blocked, if the site traffic meets the condition you created.

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