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How many links can be on a site page


"How many internal links can there be on a page?" — this question was probably asked by every SEO specialist and webmaster. And if the correct answer was found and applied in practice, the site received approval from searchers and began to confidently move to the top 1. In cases where the seoshnik or webmaster ignored this moment of promotion, the position of the online resource began to decline, or the web page with a large number of links "flew" out of the search results.

As you probably already guessed, the maximum number of links on the page is an important SEO factor. And then you will learn how to optimize it, as well as improve the quality of internal relinking.

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How many internal and external links can be added to a page

Let's start with the fact that source links transfer a fraction of the weight of the page they are placed on to the page they are linked to. This information will help you better understand what is written below. Representatives of Google and other search engines claim that there are no restrictions on the number of URLs placed on each specific page. They also say that link quality is more important for promotion. However, given that the weight of the page on which it is placed is transferred along with the hyperlink, the optimal number of internal links per page is 10-50. Please note that this number does not include links in the menu, navigation chain, footer of the online resource.

It is also important to say that hyperlinks should be placed wisely - they should help both visitors and web crawlers better understand the structure of the site. You should also make sure that URLs lead to pages that are related to the content of the material in which they are placed.

As for outgoing hyperlinks pointing to third-party sites, they should be kept to a minimum. And ideally, none. After all, why transfer the "weight" of your blog, online store or portal to another site?

How to improve link quality

  1. Hyperlink only those materials that will interest the visitor. For example, if the blog is linked internally , the articles should have URLs that lead to other publications on a similar topic or topic.
  2. Use anchors (text behind which the link "hides") correctly - they should be relevant to the material to which they lead.
  3. If it is possible and will not contradict the information from the previous recommendations, try to put internal links to materials placed in other categories or sections. This will help tell visitors about other topics of the site, increase the time they spend on the online resource, getting acquainted with these topics, and thereby improve behavioral factors.
  4. Make sure that there are no looping or broken hyperlinks on the pages.

You learned about the recommended maximum number of links on web pages and how to properly optimize internal linking. This knowledge, applied in practice, will help accelerate the movement of a blog, online store, forum or portal to the first lines of search results, increase the number of visitors and customers.

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