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What is link ranking?


What does link ranking mean? This is a certain algorithm that is used by search engines to calculate the site's location in response to a user's request. Recently, many site owners, wanting to develop faster, began to abuse many algorithms, and for this reason, many search engines have to strengthen the rules for evaluating links and building them for issuing search results.

Why did search engines tighten their ranking rules?

First of all, it affected the methods of promotion of sites by direct exchange of links! They have ceased to be as effective as before, because this exchange is very easy and is filtered by search engines. Of course, someone continues to buy and sell links with the help of exchanges , but the effectiveness of this method is rapidly decreasing. In this regard, another method of link exchange has recently become very interesting and popular - ring or, as it is also called, "circular guarantee" (webring).

What is a web ring?

The essence of a ring exchange is the same as in a circular exchange: a group of sites is "linked" in a circle, and each previous site links to the next, and so on until the circle ends. Search engines have not yet learned how to filter this method, so its effectiveness is quite high.

In order for this promotion method to work, there must be at least 3 sites in the circular exchange, but a group of 10 to 15 sites is considered ideal. If one of the participants leaves the ring bond, the ring should still not fall apart, and someone takes his place. So, what is optimization?

What is search engine optimization?

Experts in this matter say that optimization is very similar to car tuning - troubleshooting, improving the appearance, finishing. For sites, this is adjusting the code, texts, and other parameters of the site according to the algorithms provided by the search engine in order to raise the site to higher positions when issuing.

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The owner who wants to get the maximum result must strictly follow all parameters. Do-it-yourself site optimization and promotion is a relatively young activity, but it is already divided into three categories: "white" optimization, "gray" and "black" optimization. "White" optimization means complete, comprehensive promotion. As a result of "white" optimization, the main core of the site is created, the site is registered in search engines, and then links are exchanged with resources similar in subject matter, without the use of prohibited and dishonest methods.

As a result of "gray" optimization and promotion of the site with your own hands, the exchange of links is carried out with resources that are not always the same in terms of subject matter, as well as the addition of a huge number of keywords in the article, which often harm the readability of the site visitor. Well, "black" optimization implies the use of spamming methods. When using black optimization, pages are also created that are intended only for search robots.

Of course, this method brings a small and short-term effect, but then the site is threatened with a ban from the search engine. Like all other methods of website promotion, optimization has its pros and cons. In terms of financial costs, "tuning" of the site will be much cheaper than advertising, but it requires high qualifications from the performer.

From all this it follows that optimization and promotion of the site with your own hands is necessary for a long-term result, then there will be a constant flow of visitors. But in order to be in the top places, you must strictly follow the rules of search engines, have a reliable site hosting, do not resort to prohibited methods, and also pay special attention to the tuning and optimization of the web resource.

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