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Content plan for social networks


Simply creating a page on a social network is not enough. You need to constantly work on it, posting new publications every day. After all, this is the only way to attract the attention of new users, and to fuel the interest of those who are already subscribed.

If ideas about publications arise in your head every day - that's great. But inspiration is usually short-lived. Then the muse leaves, a stupor sets in .... And I can't think of anything to write about today.

To avoid such situations, you need to make a content plan in advance. That is, a list of publications for the next 3, 6, 12 months (as you like). This will significantly simplify the work of filling the page in social networks.

Content plan: what it is and why it is needed

A content plan for social networks is a detailed schedule of future posts. It is made in advance, before starting work with the page. Having a content plan provides a number of benefits:

  • correct organization of the marketing process;
  • simple choice of topic (from those specified in the content plan);
  • the possibility of observing the desired sequence of publications;
  • reminders about important dates (holidays, company anniversaries, promotions);
  • quick analysis of the effectiveness of publications;
  • advance preparation of news for posting.

content plan

Creating a content plan for social networks: useful recommendations

Creating a content plan for social networks is a simple task. Yes, at first you will have to spend some time. But, after a little understanding and mastering, you will create it an order of magnitude faster. And then you will understand how much easier and more productive the work of filling pages in social networks has become.

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So, let's consider the main recommendations that will help to correctly draw up a content plan:

  1. Think about how many posts you want to add per day . The optimal frequency of publications in social networks is 1-2 posts. The main thing is to create quality content that will be shared by subscribers, attracting new people.
  2. Be sure to write down the dates . And don't forget to include holidays and other important days that you can tell users about.
  3. Notify people about events in the life of the company, about new products or services . Also inform in advance about upcoming events, online webinars and other events, so that everyone can get to them in time.
  4. Consider the needs of the target audience . You need to create content according to the interests of subscribers.
  5. Analyze competitor pages . This will help to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Try to determine what topics are interesting to your subscribers and use them in your own.
  6. See that a certain topic is in demand? You can plan a series of posts - especially if it's big and there's a lot to tell.
  7. Apply SEO optimization techniques. You can also use keywords for pages in social networks. In addition, you can search for new interesting topics for future posts.
  8. Maintain a balance between content types . Alternate between text posts, videos, and image posts. And don't forget the elementary formula 4x1 (1 advertising post for 4 regular ones).
  9. If you maintain pages in different social networks , do not duplicate content, even if the topic is the same. Try to adapt the posts, because all social networks have their own rules.
  10. Time your post wisely . At first you will have to test. But when you determine time X (peak time) - try to publish content 20 minutes before it starts. Otherwise, it will simply get lost in the news feed of subscribers.

What does the content plan look like?

It is easiest to create a content plan in Excel (or in an online analogue from Google Docs). In this program, it is easily edited: if necessary, you can quickly make changes or add new information.

There are even special templates for drawing up a content plan. They have a common structure, but look different. You can choose a ready-made template or, after looking at the available solutions, create your own version.

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At a minimum, the content plan should include the following items:

  • date and time of posting;
  • type of content (can be highlighted in different colors for convenience);
  • topic of the post;
  • sources of information for posts, links to videos or images.

we create a content plan

Additionally, you can add columns to evaluate the effectiveness of posted posts (number of likes, reposts, comments). This will help to determine the most requested content in order to pay more attention to it in the future.

You can also write post texts directly in the content plan (in a separate column). Yes, it takes time, but when posting, it will be just a matter of copying and publishing the information prepared in advance.


Now you know how to properly make a content plan for social networks. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. It is enough to start - and then the work will go like clockwork. But thanks to the presence of a content plan, there will no longer be any problems with what to publish on social networks. If the publication was useful , we recommend sharing it on social networks . If you need reliable website hosting , we recommend you to go to the link and order one of the most favorable tariffs of the hosting company CityHost .

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