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How to create your success or content plan for beginners


Promotion of your own resource begins with simple steps: high-quality self-promotion and sincerity. Tell the client about your uniqueness and need, answer the question why the service will suit him specifically. Speak only the truth, because reputation is hard to earn and easy to lose.

Many customers are afraid to trust newcomers because fraudsters and hacks create beautiful covers, behind which there is nothing valid.

The article is dedicated not only to SEO specialists, but also to their clients:

  • Let's figure out how to help clients not become victims of unscrupulous people, and how to help specialists grow to a high level of quality.
  • There are certain axioms that you need to know: site quality and adequate saturation.
  • Let's consider the postulates in detail.
  • Quality.
  • Punctuation and literacy. It is unpleasant to read text with "spots" and without commas.
  • Your videos should match the content. It is bad when the picture does not match the content. For example, you sell summer shoes, and the photo shows swamp boots.
Video sites are great for advertising, especially if you sell a specific product. Say: software or hair care products. Read also : How to use the Advego service .

Do not "oversaturate" the client

Remember developers and customers: don't get carried away with keywords. If you stick the name of the product in every sentence, it will only worsen your popularity and make the text intrusive and unpleasant.

Good hosting is a solid foundation

Every initiation needs to be firmly rooted. For this, you need to "steadily stand on your feet" and understand that your site will not "sausage" all over the Internet. You need a strong permanent connection, security and data protection, as well as confidence that you will not lose your savings when you switch Internet providers. Hosting is a kind of bank cell ... In which "bank" you will go: an expensive Swiss one or a cheap "we are open and happy to help" - it is solely your choice. It is better to read about hosting separately here.

"A miser pays twice"

Don't skimp on seoshniks, programmers and copywriters. You need a nice juicy text to sell your products, pay the experts. We will remind: 50% of success is the first glance, and now they are looking through the "window" of the monitor. Now, we are ready to give you some recommendations.

Our secrets

Avoid the clich?d approach: maximum-minimum..five, one, three hundred requests. There is no limit to the number of requests for your site. The query is keywords. You just shouldn't bother the reader with the name of the product, for example, if you write the word "banana" a hundred times in the text, it will not make the content popular, but on the contrary annoying, and the buyer will go to Silpo, not to you, for fruit.

Do not limit yourself in semantics and do not be afraid of your versatility. If you produce pipes, faucets, and sinks at the same time, you should not focus only on faucets in one post. Talk about full service. Become a kind of supermarket: we are professionals in several areas. Diversity is attractive.

Get over your Wizard of Oz addiction. SEO specialists are not magicians or magicians. Without your direction and understanding of what and how you want to promote, they will not create uniqueness. A website creation specialist must understand the final product of the Company and for whom it is intended. Conclusion: developers should ask the right questions, entrepreneurs should talk about their business as simply and easily as possible.

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"You can only get your feet wet quickly." Both professionals and clients should realize that a quality product is created as a result of long-term efforts and good work. You can build a site in half a day only on "so-so". When ordering a service, count on the fact that you will not receive a "hot cake" in five minutes. If a company offers quick success for little money, it is a simple fraud. In this case, check the reputation of the company.

The last myth: "Horrible ranking algorithms". It sounds menacingly like an Amazonian alligator. This concept often scares site owners who are starting their business. A little more about fears. Simply put, this is a system for evaluating your site from the point of view of informativeness, which includes certain concepts.

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It is difficult to choose the right density of keywords, without unnecessary spam, to track the uniqueness of the context and the correctness of links to the right addresses, it is also difficult. If you are a hired professional, you have special tools to track this. When you need to order a service and be calm, pay attention to the readability of the text, ease of transition between links, whether there are no annoying repetitions. And, of course, does the text hook the reader with your product.

For example, you sell Vietnamese shoes. A text about warm countries and white sand is unlikely to be suitable in this case. If there are no icons: "summer shoes", "beach accessories", "flip flops and flip-flops", etc., you should not spend effort and resources on such development.

Finally, we will tell you: myths are inherent in children's books that parents read at night. Before you decide to choose a specialist who will promote your site, search for similar material on the Internet. And ... don't forget to share our article if you found it interesting.

So, Google, as always, supported the developers, smashing their fears into fine dust. Stay with us and follow the news. Was the publication informative? Then share it on social networks. We remind you that you can buy a reliable VPS server and buy a net domain from the CityHost hosting company.

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