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The transition to mobile-first indexing has been postponed


The dynamics and richness of life is constantly growing. Now appointments, signing agreements, adjusting the schedule, and so on are not arranged only in stationary. In our pockets lies a portable computer that not only calls, but controls our today. Without exaggeration, we can say: humanity lives in the phone. This trend prompted developers to think about the need to shift the emphasis in search engine settings. This is how the idea of mobile-first indexing appeared - non-stationary applications take priority over desktop applications.

The innovation could have changed the usual search system already in September of this year, but alas. The start has been postponed to the spring of 2021. The reason for the postponement was the global economic collapse associated with the pandemic. The transition to an advanced function will be mandatory for everyone and will have a significant impact on the ranking of the web resource. Note that the currently created resources are already connected to it automatically. However, not all owners of online services are proactive enough, so their rating drops. In order not to drive users into a dead end, Google gave a number of tips on how to prepare for the "new era".

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We cooperate with Googlebot

Check the desktop and mobile version of the add-ons and the entire platform: photos, texts, links, semantic markup, metadata - must be absolutely identical and reflect the essence in the same way. The image formats must also match. Make sure Robots.txt and XML Sitemap are working correctly in both versions and both are enabled in Search Console. Avoid additional links and redirects from one content to another. Do not use "lazy downloads", in which the user sees the working site immediately, they clog traffic. Prefer delayed, so that the images appear at the right moment.

There is no mobile version, what to do?

Without the ability to use content for all gadgets, you will lose significantly in sales. Have until next March to create it and check the contents: both should be the same. Therefore, do not be lazy and do not be stingy: bring everything to full identity. Both versions should be like the original and the reflection in the mirror. It is very important to upload only high-quality videos.

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Why is this inevitable?

A lot of time, terabytes of effort and a lot of man-hours are invested in evolution. This is a really useful and inevitable update. As the saying goes: "if you can't change the situation, change your attitude towards it." Do not be afraid to change, learn and move forward. Google will guide you through this process with a series of webinars and Q&As. Follow our news and always be in trend. Was the publication informative? Then share it on social networks. We remind you that you can buy a reliable VPS server and buy a net domain from the CityHost hosting company.

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