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The impact of the expanded result affects the number of clicks


Experts of one of the world's leading companies, Milestone Research, conducted an analysis of requests in order to find out what the secret of a high CTR is. As a result of checking four and a half million interpellations, it became clear for what reason advanced queries do not receive user feedback, but which have a high rating.

Main points

Organic queries are less popular than advanced ones. Regardless of whether it is an extended result or a regular result, the number of clicks is affected by the position in the rating. Queries from the first page get more attention from users.

In half of the cases, visitors prefer to choose organic, voice search, or paid advertising. High click rate for brand queries. Interestingly, regular AMP results have a click-through rate of 92%, while articles have a click-through rate of only 15%. The researchers recommend using only the regular result for AMP, not "Top News". ·

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About 90% click-through rate in FAQ. · More than half of the clicks collect the enhanced video result for both branded and generic queries. Summarizing the conclusions, we note: successful SEO promotion today depends on the use of multimedia content and modern methods of site promotion.

Milestone presented a report on all major types of search results. The data in the table and charts will help SEO specialists achieve high results in the future and ensure high-quality promotion of sites.

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