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The influence of the level of attachment on promotion


The nesting level of pages is their location on the site in relation to the main page, which is considered to be located at the first level. Simply put, how many times you have to click the mouse and move through the pages to get to the right one, so will be its nesting. For example, if you go from the main page to the categories "Beauty and fashion" - "Trends of the season 2021-2022" - "Women's clothing" - "Jackets", you will find yourself on the page of the fourth nesting level. Nesting allows you to create sections and subdivisions that simplify navigation and the process of finding the right products or catalog elements.

Why do you need to define nestedness?

Based on this parameter, search engines calculate the importance of pages. Nesting level is no less important ranking factor than meta tags or keywords. It is believed that the lower the level of nesting of a page, the higher its importance. Based on this, pages with a lower level of nesting get higher positions in search engines, which means that users will more often receive links to it during searches. At the same time, if you bury the information deep under other sections of the site, search engines may not reach it. And it may not appear in the results of search results, which will be critical if the site is promoted, and you plan to get customers through search networks.

How to check the nesting level of a page

Search engines calculate nestedness differently than users. They determine the number of transitions by the number of slashes in the domain after the name of the main section. For example, the address "https: //companiya.ukr/documentation/order.html" will lead to a page of the second level. But the URL can be configured to skip some sections. In this case, there will be fewer slashes, but the number of clicks to move will remain the same. Therefore, it is not necessary to rely on the calculation of the level of nesting intended for the user, but it is better to check the result with the help of special services.

Why raise the page by nesting index

This will serve to achieve several goals at once, which will significantly facilitate the promotion of your site. In other words, if you want to make your portal popular, reduce the level of nesting of sections and pages of the site. This will help:

  • Speed up indexing of sections or required pages. The closer the key sections are to the surface of the site, the faster the search engine will find them. Therefore, it is advantageous to place pages that are searched for most often on 1-2 nesting levels.
  • Increase the weight of the site and its sections. In order for the search engine to be one of the first to link to your portal, it must consider it very important. The smaller the level of nesting of each page, the more significant the robot considers it. Therefore, sections of the first and second levels are more often found in the top when issuing.
  • Reduce the risk that the search engine will miss the page. When creating the structure of the site, you need to try to make it so that there are no sections below the third level at all.

It can also significantly facilitate navigation for users and simplify the overall process of using this site.

How to reduce attachment

You can reduce nesting, and webmasters have several ways to do this:

  1. Develop an html site map. On it, the visitor will be able to find the desired section and go there in one click.
  2. Create a logical and understandable system of cross-references between sections.
  3. Bring out links to all pages in the menu or footer on the main page.

This will allow you to go directly in the desired direction, and not return each time to the beginning of the path. The main thing is to think through everything to the smallest detail, so that the structure of the pages is logical and understandable not only to the creator of the site, but also to any user who wants to find certain information for himself. It is especially important to think over the structure of the site in advance if the site is large and it is planned to place a lot of information or products.

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