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Search Console changes rules for "news"


Convenient, and most importantly, free service for checking site indexing and adding information from Google has finally made changes to the rules. Now both users and owners of the news context will be able to search for the necessary information better.

Before the changes, the search engine did not specifically identify "news", that is, when entering a keyword, the desired content did not always appear. Many webmasters asked questions about how to increase the ranking of a news site in particular, and users could not read about the latest events due to poor search techniques.

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Now there is a special performance report. Thanks to it, it will be possible to analyze the relevance of news according to website visit statistics. Finding the report is very easy: in the "Search type" section, you need to click on "Performance".

What does the report provide?

You can see the list of queries that bring the site to the top and adjust your keywords. Now there are links to other resources that promote the site. You can see how much time the visitor spent on any of the pages. Of course, this report is not just about news sites. It should be emphasized that now everyone who is looking for information about the latest events will receive better links to the search subject thanks to this innovation. Google shared the news on Twitter.

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