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Overview of the 2ip service


The 2ip service is one of the popular tools in the arsenal of webmasters and SEO-optimizers. Initially, it was created to check the IP address of the device from which the Internet is accessed. This is evidenced by the Title of the main page, which has remained unchanged to this day.

Today, the 2ip tool, in addition to the IP address, also shows other data: about the browser, the provider, the location of the device from which the network was accessed. It also has additional functions that will be useful for site analysis. Therefore, this publication is devoted to an overview of 2ip and its tools.

27 useful tests for 2ip

If you select the first section "Tests" in the top menu, a new page with 27 simple and useful functions will open. Below each test is a brief description of what it does and why it is needed. There is no need to explain in detail here - everyone will be able to figure it out on their own.

Half of the tests concern the characteristics of connecting a PC or smartphone to the network. And the second half - site parameters. Accordingly, they can be useful to both ordinary users and owners of blogs or other web resources.

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2ip tools for webmasters

In addition to simple tests, the site has a good arsenal for webmasters. It can be used when creating sites or when developing a promotion strategy. Let's take a closer look at the main functions:

  1. Sites on the same IP. Shows the number of sites that are neighbors. If there are too many of them, it can increase the load on the hosting server and, accordingly, reduce the speed of the site.
  2. Domain name search. This function of the 2ip service helps when you need to choose a site domain . You can try different options and immediately find free names.
  3. Site accessibility. It helps when you need to determine the reason why a site is not available at its URL. All that is required is to specify the domain of a specific site.
  4. Website traffic. Shows the approximate number of visitors. Helps in cases where there is no access to analytics counters or other tools (for example, to analyze competitors' sites).
  5. Punycode converter for .rf domains. Shows how the Cyrillic domain looks for search engines, programs, web services and users (when copying the address).
  6. Checking the site for viruses. Detects malicious codes, due to which you can lose both visitors and trust from search engines.
  7. Presence of IP in spam databases. It helps to determine the reason why the number of visitors from search engines has dropped dramatically. Sometimes it happens that one of the neighboring sites gets banned, and all the others located at the same IP address are also blacklisted. In this case, the only solution is to change the IP address to another one. Also, if the IP address gets into spam databases, then almost all mail services will automatically throw letters from mailing lists into the "Spam" category.

Functionality of the 2ip service for competitor analysis

If necessary, you can also perform competitor analysis using 2ip. The service provides a number of functions specifically for this:

  1. IP address information. In addition to the IP itself, it additionally pulls data from the Whois service and shows the provider, host, city and country.
  2. Site hosting. Displays data about the server on which the competitor's website is hosted.
  3. Site management system (CMS). Determines on which engine the platform works. The received information can be used for any purpose. For example, to create a new site on the same CMS as that of a competitor.
  4. All domains of one owner. Shows other competitor's web resources. Helps in cases where there are suspicions that he has built a network of satellites or uses doors.
  5. Information about the site. Provides a detailed site report. It shows its authority, availability of registration in directories, download speed, information on backlinks, availability of a VPS server , etc. There are also links to some of the tools mentioned above, which eliminates the need to use them in a separate order.



As you can see, today the site is a multifunctional service. It has many interesting tests and functions that will be useful to absolutely everyone. Simple users can use any necessary 2ip tool separately, and webmasters and SEO-optimizers can use all the functionality to analyze the required sites (own or competitors).

The most useful functions were considered above, but there are many more. Therefore, we recommend that you add this site to your bookmarks (or simply remember its address) - it will come in handy more than once in the future.

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