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The best services for checking site positions


The results of the promotion of the web resource are evaluated in different ways: they look at the traffic, monitor the positions of keywords from the semantic core of the site. It is better to use the last method.

Of course, manual checking of site positions is a long and tedious task. In this case, it is better to use special services and programs designed for similar tasks. In this review, we will consider the best solutions for monitoring positions in issue. Most of them are paid, although there are also free analogues in the list.

The best services for checking site positions

Let's start with online services, since they do not need to be installed - just go to the URL. There are 7 of them in the list.


Functional position checking service. It has various tools for evaluating promotion results. Allows you to set the desired parameters:

  • region;
  • depth of inspection;
  • filter by keywords;
  • schedule for self-checks.

Funds are withdrawn for each individual request. The obtained results can be downloaded as a file of the desired format.

The service is also quite functional. Supports the possibility of detailed monitoring settings. Checking positions costs from $0.002 per request.

After the analysis, you can generate various reports: on visitors, competitors, snippets. The information received will be useful for further promotion of the site.

This is a universal service that contains a wide range of tools. Of course, you can also check the positions of sites here. This option is placed in a separate "Line" panel.

Payment is made for each individual analysis. There are no packages, there are no automatic checks either. However, the cost of monitoring for one request is 0.025 rubles. And this is a key feature of this service. In addition , with the help of this service , you can check the presence of viruses on the vps server of the site , as well as the speed of loading pages and much more .

There are several free tools on the site. Including for removing positions. To check, you need to perform simple steps:

  • enter the URL of the site;
  • select the desired search engines;
  • specify the region.

The functionality here is modest, so the service is only suitable for quick removal of positions for a small number of keywords without detailed analysis. By the way, you can't export data either.

This is an automated service for monitoring positions. Checking one keyword costs 0.06 rubles. On this service you can:

  • create projects;
  • carefully configure monitoring parameters, specifying depth and targeting;
  • perform integration with statistical data services from Google and Yandex;
  • configure automatic monitoring (so that it is performed at different times or after certain events - for example, after updates).

A convenient online service for monitoring positions. One check costs 1 coin (the platform's own currency). In addition to monitoring positions, here you can:

  • choose the inspection period;
  • see percentage statistics on additional indicators;
  • create graphs for more convenient familiarization with the results;
  • analyze competitors according to the necessary requests.

After registration, the service gives 1000 free coins. They are enough for 1000 checks. So you can initially use the site's services for free, and at the same time evaluate its functionality.

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This is the only conditionally free service for checking site positions on the list. After registration, you can use all the functions of the site for free (but with restrictions). Then you need to top up the account.

This online service checks positions in 4 search engines. The obtained results can be downloaded as a file. The service also supports targeting and monitoring depth up to 100 positions.

Programs for monitoring site positions

Now consider desktop solutions that need to be installed on a computer or laptop. There are 5 of them in our list.


This is a free program for checking positions in Google and Yandex. In addition, it is able to analyze external and internal optimization indicators, which is very convenient.

Positions are checked quickly, but periodically you need to enter a captcha. However, this problem can be solved by specifying the desired anti-captcha service in the program settings.

CS Yazzle

A paid solution from the creators of Seobudget, which was mentioned above. Supports almost three dozen tools. Including for tracking positions in issue.


Another paid software designed for comprehensive analysis of web resources and promotion results. There is also a tool with which you can check the position of the site. In addition to Google and Yandex, the program includes 40 other search engines.

Rank Tracker

Paid software from Belarusians. It has a simple and clear interface. Able to monitor the change in positions in the issue and compare them with the results of competitors. In addition to the one-time purchase of the software, you will also have to pay annually for its updates.


The last program on our list. Also paid. The cheapest version costs around $10. To renew, you need to pay 45% of the original price once a year.

The program can:

  • monitor positions simultaneously in several regions;
  • analyze competitors;
  • integrate with metric services from Google and Yandex.


The most popular programs and services for checking site positions were listed above. Of course, their list is much longer. For example, you can monitor the position using the sites,,, etc. However, they all have similar functionality, so it makes no sense to describe their capabilities in detail.

Can you identify a better site verification service or program? No, because everyone has their own tastes and every SEO optimizer or webmaster uses different tools. Therefore, decide for yourself which service or program to monitor positions with.

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