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Do you need an SSL certificate?


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a tool used to confirm the trustworthiness of a domain. The certificate, issued by an independent organization, ensures the protection of the website and certifies the secure encryption of the data flow between the user and the server . Thus, SSL can be defined as a guarantor of the confidentiality of this data sent electronically. A key of a certain length is used in the encryption process. The best security is provided by longer and more complex keys, which are much more difficult to decipher than shorter ones.

Breakdown of SSL certificates

According to the effectiveness and level of SSL certificates, they can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • Domain Verification (DV) . This is the cheapest type of certificate that verifies that the website is actually being published at the domain address and ensures that the data inside it is protected. However, it does not verify the company or personal details of the individual applying for this type of certificate.
  • Organization Verification (OV) . This type of SSL certificate is an extension of the domain validation described above. In addition to checking the domain and ensuring the security of the transmitted data, in this case the company that applied for the certificate is also checked.
  • Extended Validation (EV) . The EV certificate provides the highest level of security, as evidenced by its general name, i.e. full authentication. It undergoes a detailed and thorough verification of both the domain and the company, ensuring trust and 100% security for site users. A domain with extended verification is characterized by the presence of a green bar in the window with the URL address, which also includes the company name and the details of the website owner.

The cost of an SSL certificate

Currently, there are many SSL certificate distributors on the Internet market that offer certificates from different issuers, the price of which depends on the level of verification, the rank of the issuer, the warranty provided and their validity period. In the case of domain verification, you can find free certificates , but short-term, valid for only thirty or ninety days.

Why is an SSL certificate important?

An SSL certificate is important because it ensures the protection of the data flow, which undoubtedly inspires trust among the users of this internet domain. SSL's position is influenced by the fact that certificates are issued by third parties unrelated to the company or domain, which largely determines their significant value and verifiability.

Of course, having an SSL certificate is optional. However, it is worth noting that if you do not have one, then the trust and confidence in the Internet domain and the company that manages it will drop to almost a minimum, not to mention that it creates a negative perception and image among Internet users and potential customers. Therefore, for image reasons, owners of small websites, even those that do not download any data from their users, also try to obtain basic versions of DV certificates. In addition, an SSL certificate is necessary if the site is to be ranked, Google usually promotes sites that have certificates.

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Everyone needs an SSL certificate

As already mentioned above, definitely yes. This certificate is necessary mainly for reasons of image and PR, as it fits perfectly into the policy of creating a positive image of the site and the company that manages it. For example, no one will want to make a financial transaction with a company whose page says: unsecured. Moreover, in the last few years, Google Chrome has become particularly sensitive to websites without certificates, marking them not only by posting the above message, but also by additionally highlighting the warning in red and placing a warning sign next to it. A message with this design effectively reduces the credibility of the site to zero.

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