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How to sell your domain


Selling a domain is a great opportunity to get rid of it and partially return the money spent. And maybe even more than enough to cover the expenses.

It is believed that the transaction is very simple. The buyer, who decides to buy a domain , pays the declared price and gets what he wants.

But a domain is not a product or even a physical thing. This is just an ordinary record in the database. As a result, difficulties arise during the sale, since neither the seller nor the buyer wants to be the first to fulfill their part of the obligations. After all, there is always a risk of not receiving a domain after payment, or not receiving money after transferring data.

But how to sell a domain? There are at least 2 ways that are discussed in this article.

Selling a domain: 2 ways to execute a deal

When two parties cannot agree on the terms of a deal, a third party is needed. That is, an intermediary. They can be both a person and a specialized service.

Domain sale exchange

The domain sale exchange is a platform that helps the seller and the buyer agree on a deal. It works according to the auction principle: the domain is put up for sale, and potential participants place their bids. When the seller likes a certain offer, he discusses the details with the buyer and completes the deal.

Some services work differently. In this case, the seller indicates the desired amount and waits until a person is found who agrees to buy the domain at a specific price.

The guarantor here is the stock exchange. Usually, the entire process is automated and occurs without the participation of a third party:

  • the buyer makes payment on the website;
  • funds are frozen in a separate account;
  • the seller sees a message that the buyer has paid the stated amount, and transfers the domain ownership rights to him;
  • the buyer checks the data, confirms the transaction, and the frozen funds are transferred to the seller's account.

As a rule, the exchange charges a certain fee for its services. Sometimes it is shared equally between the seller or the buyer, sometimes it falls on the shoulders of one of the participants (usually the seller). It all depends on the site and its rules.

Guarantor of the agreement

The second way to sell a domain is with the help of a guarantor. A guarantor is an ordinary person who acts as an intermediary. He controls the process of signing the agreement and guarantees that each of the parties will get what they want.

The whole process goes something like this:

  • the seller and the buyer find a guarantor with whom both agree to work;
  • the seller transfers domain data to the guarantor, and the buyer transfers funds to him in the agreed amount;
  • the guarantor transfers domain data to the buyer, and transfers money to the seller.

The guarantor charges a certain percentage for the services. Who will pay for his work and how much is discussed in advance.

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Absolutely any person can be a guarantor. They usually agree to be present at any deal, not just domain sales. So there is no specialization here.

The main thing is to find a reliable person with a proven reputation and the presence of positive reviews. Otherwise, it may happen that the guarantor takes both the domain and the money. This also happens.

How to determine the value of a domain for sale?

The cost of the domain for sale is determined by the seller. He himself can issue any amount he wants. Whether a buyer will be found is another question.

To correctly calculate the cost of a domain, you need to know that its price depends on various factors:

  1. Solvency of the buyer . A company owner is willing to pay an order of magnitude more for a domain than an ordinary person. For him, several thousand dollars is not a high price. And he will easily agree to pay that much for a really beautiful domain that he likes and is perfect for the company's website.
  2. Domain name . Short domains that are easy to remember cost more. Everyone is trying to register a similar one. And if he is busy, then they try to buy him.
  3. Subject. There are cheap and expensive themes. For example, for a domain in the field of real estate, medicine, insurance, you can get quite a good amount. Especially if it is good, short and needed by a certain company.
  4. Domain zone . They also have different demand. The domain zone .com is considered the most expensive. Companies are ready to part with even a million dollars for her.
  5. Domain metrics . These are indicators such as the age of the domain, the presence of a link profile, etc. People are willing to pay for them, believing that this will help promote the site.


Now you know where to sell a domain and for what approximate cost. By the way, if you do not plan to use the site, it can be given together with hosting . And then let the buyer decide - to use the services of the chosen provider or switch to another.

If you plan to create new sites, it is better to leave the hosting. You can always register a new domain and continue cooperation with the provider company.

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