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How to correctly choose a site domain name


Before buying hosting , you need to decide on a domain in advance. After all, it is not just a URL address by which users will be able to identify a site in the network. By domain, the essence of the site is clear and its subject matter is visible. And users make a decision based on the name - to visit the web resource or not.

This issue should be approached responsibly. Therefore, below we will consider how to correctly choose a domain so that it is liked by both users and search engines.

What do you need to know before choosing a domain?

Usually the name of the site is chosen at random. And either they are pushed away from ready-made options that are offered on platforms where domains are sold, or they look at competitors and come up with something similar. Thus, many sites appear on the Internet, the URL of which differs by 1-2 characters. And this confuses even experienced users.

Therefore, before choosing a domain , you need to decide on the purpose of the site. For example, an address consisting of a surname and a first name (if it sounds nice) is suitable for a blog. And for an online store – a domain with the company name.

Which domain to choose for an online store or service site?

To choose a domain for an online store or a company that provides certain services, follow simple recommendations:

  1. If the company's activity is narrowly focused, enter the name of the product or service in the domain (for example, This will help new users understand the theme of the site.
  2. Large companies can come up with a branded domain. That is, use the name of the company in the URL. But this option is suitable only if the company is known. Or you plan to invest well in promoting the brand and in the future want the company to be found by its name.
  3. You can use a key query in the domain. For example, or This will have a positive effect on promotion - with a competent approach to this request, the site will be guaranteed to appear in the TOP-10.

Universal tips for choosing a domain name

The recommendations described below are suitable for any sites – including online stores and service companies:

  1. Come up with a name that is easy to remember . Let there be even a meaningless set of letters. The main thing is that it sounds and is easy to remember (for example,
  2. If the desired domain is already taken, check other zones . Let's say if the option with .ua is not available - try, .net, .org and further down the list.
  3. If you need an occupied domain, buy it . It is easiest to negotiate a deal if the reseller of addresses owns it. If a certain site is running on the desired domain, it will be more difficult to convince its owner to change the name.
  4. Do not forget about the geolocation of the business. If you work in a specific region, be sure to specify this in the domain. For example, if you sell seeds in Kyiv, then the address is suitable for the site.
  5. Pay for the domain wisely . It makes no sense to pay for 2-3 years in advance if you are not sure how things will go and whether you will continue to do business. But if you decide to seriously develop the company, it is recommended to extend the domain for at least 5 years. In this way, you will not have to renew the service every year, and enterprising competitors will not be able to take away your good name. And search engines are more loyal to domains that have been paid for years in advance, fully understanding that their owner is aiming for serious and long-term work with the site.
  6. Try to use a short domain . Avoid long titles (3 words or more) and extra characters. Such domains are hard to read and hard to remember.

How does the site domain affect SEO promotion?

When thinking about which domain to choose, you can look for a URL that will instantly provide you with a certain number of visitors. Suppose we take a recently vacated domain. It usually has a specific referral profile that will help you get off to a good start from the very first days. Yes, you will have to pay more than for a regular domain, but the costs pay off quite quickly.

If you choose a domain for a blog or an online store in a similar way, you can count on one more pleasant bonus - age. And, as you know, it is closely watched by search engines, as they consider this parameter to be one of the important ranking factors.

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Of course, it didn't do without a spoonful of tar here. The old domain may have been sanctioned or have a bad link profile. Therefore, before buying, you need to carefully check it, and then think: whether to take or register a domain with a clean history.

If you want the domain to have a positive impact on promotion, come up with a name that includes a key query. Of course, this will not be enough to get into the TOP-10, but on equal terms with competitors, the presence of a keyword in the URL will give an advantage and ensure higher positions.


Now you have all the information and should understand which domain to choose in Ukraine. Take everything into account: the purpose of the site, the region in which the company operates, etc. If you choose a domain correctly, it will help you a lot in the future when promoting your site in search engines.

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