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How to optimize a website using meta information?

The website builder allows you to configure all the features that will help your site to be as search engine friendly as possible.

Meta information

Go to the Settings section (located in the top menu of the builder), then go to Pages and select the SEO section.



In this menu, you can specify:

  1. Title (displayed as the name of the browser tab for each page). This is extremely important for search engines.
  2. The description is aimed at telling the search engine what exactly each page contains.

An example of website results. What exactly the title and description for the site look like:



3. Keywords are still used by some search engines, but Google ignores them. You can specify them by separating them with commas or semicolons; spaces between words are not important.

4. Convenient URL is an optional field used to configure the URL path to the page. The default value is taken from the page name specified in the menu. You can specify an alias for each page except the home page. The home page does not have any alias. The words in the alias are separated by a hyphen. Custom URLs are automatically integrated into e-commerce! They are used to create relevant URLs for easier navigation. This feature is active by default.



HTML meta tags


To add custom meta information to your website, you need to: Go to Settings then Meta tags tab; Add custom meta tags and click Apply



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