Help and support

How to order a hosting service?

  • If you are still registered, you need to go through the registration procedure on the CityHost website:
    [registration page]
  • After registration / login go to [HOSTING PAGE]
  • Select the appropriate tariff plan and click [ORDER] :

  • Next, specify the parameters you need (country of location, site name and payment term), then click on the [ORDER HOSTING] button:

    [1] - the country in which the servers for your hosting account will be located. It is necessary to choose depending on the target audience of the site;
    [2] - site address and nominal name of the hosting upon creation. The specified domain will be created by default. You can always change (rename) it, as well as the name of the hosting account. If you don't have a domain yet – you can specify an arbitrary name of the future domain;
    [3] - term of extension of hosting.

The system will generate the necessary invoice for the payment of the ordered hosting, which you can pay in any convenient way for you. After receipt of funds, hosting is activated within 15 minutes.

Watch the video on how to order hosting: