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How to change the contact details of the domain owner?

To change the contact details of the domain owner (registrant), you must:


1. Create a profile of the new owner in the section:
[ -- My profiles -- Create a new profile]

2. Go to the "Change profile" section for the required domain:
[ -- Domains -- Change profile (contact data in the whois database)]


3. In the menu that opens, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the "Procedure for changing the contact data of the domain owner" and fill out the profile change form:

  • download the application form [1] , fill in all the fields and attach a scanned copy of it;
  • scan and attach scanned copies of the specified documents of the domain owner [2] ;
  • select a new profile of the future domain owner [3].

The application and documents must be submitted by the person who is the real owner of the domain (the individual or legal entity listed in the whois of the domain as the owner ).

According to the Procedure for changing domain contact data:

  • the application to change the domain owner is considered in order of priority within THREE WORKING DAYS from the moment of its submission;
  • in case of non-compliance with the procedure, a letter with further instructions will be sent to your email;
  • if the application is approved, a letter will be sent to your email with information about the successful change of domain owner.

If the current owner of the domain is CITICHOST LLC, in order to change the owner's data in the whois database, it is necessary to apply to our technical support from the registration mail or control panel of the person wishing to become the new owner of the domain. In this case you do not need to submit an application and scanned copies of documents. You can check who is the current owner of the domain at


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