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Wikipedia: a new design after ten years


The most convenient electronic encyclopedia celebrates its twentieth anniversary next year. During this time, the volume of Wikipedia amounted to more than 50 million articles presented in more than 300 languages. The content is constantly updated with new data, and the platform's interface has stopped "keeping up" with modern workloads.

It is planned to spend a year on the update, although in general the interface remains familiar to users, but some key points will be changed.

Despite the fact that many links in Wikipedia, according to John Muller, a Google consultant, do not have seo value, the designers decided to spend efforts on improving the appearance of the site.

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What will be convenient:

  • Now articles can be selected from the preview.
  • The search bar together with the reduced logo is moved to the site header and controlled by scrolling.
  • The left side panel can be hidden if desired.
  • Additionally, a menu with a selection of the most popular languages will be available. You can save your choice.
  • The title of the articles related to the request will be duplicated on the right.

The changes involve facilitating work with content for users of any level. Developers believe that any site should be pleasant to work with. Considering that difficulties and errors may arise in the process of setting up the new design, the authors of the idea ask users to actively participate in the successful completion of the upgrade and leave their questions and comments on the MediaWiki website.

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