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Google rewrites Description in 70% of cases


To properly promote the site, you need to fill in the Description meta tag properly. Thanks to a short description with keywords, the search engine ranks web platforms: proper optimization allows you to achieve an increase in the number of visits. According to the result of the study, on both desktops and mobile gadgets, Google makes changes in 70% of meta tags. At the same time, the percentage of changes in mobile devices is higher than in desktop devices.

The conclusions reached by Portent company researchers

According to experts, the adjustments concern positions from the fourth to the sixth, they are needed to increase relevance. The program changes the description to increase the search volume: as the volume increases, the frequency of changes significantly decreases. This approach is due to the specifics of SEO optimization: it is necessary to focus on keywords that have a larger number of requests per month.

An important aspect is the number of characters and the presence of a date. As a rule, site owners use from 156 to 165 characters. When rewriting the meta tag, the program uses up to 167. For mobile devices, the number of characters is reduced.

Tips for specialists

To successfully create a snippet, the SEO manager needs to choose the optimal number of characters: no less than 150 and no more than 160 for desktop devices and 138-148 for mobile devices. All necessary information should be in the first hundred characters. Writing Description is an extremely important point. It is recommended to use proven keywords that have been popular recently.

We would like to draw attention to a point voiced in another study. Previously, it was found out that low-quality cheap hosting can have a negative impact on a site with a high-quality description.

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