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Strengthening requirements from Google Ads


Starting next year, the work of advertisers in the network will become more difficult. In order to improve customer security and business transparency, new requirements will be applied to advertiser accounts from the end of January 2021. You can read about them in Google's policies .

Starting on the 25th, all accounts that have not passed verification will be disabled. Precautionary measures will affect all countries without exception. This was reported in Google Help in November 2020. The reason for suspending the account may be the suspicion of non-transparency of the business model. All recent business transactions are subject to verification. If a possible security threat to the user's financial or physical well-being is detected, the advertiser's card will be blocked.

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To resume work, account owners need to fill out a special form. The corporation will conduct a new check for compliance with the consumer rights protection policy. Only after successful completion of the procedure can access and operation of the advertising platform be restored.

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