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Advantages and disadvantages of CMS MODx


Despite the fact that MODx is consistently included in the TOP-10 CMS, it cannot be classified either as an unconditional leader of the rating or as a hopeless outsider. The definition of "hard middle class" is most suitable for him, although he periodically falls from the middle to the bottom of the table.

His entire essence is also contradictory and ambiguous, given that he does not have a large number of disadvantages, but he does not have any special advantages either. But it can boast of many controversial points, which can be attributed to both pros and cons.

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Advantages of the MODx system

The engine has been proving its capabilities for more than 10 years, and although it has never claimed leadership, it has its own large audience that prefers it. It is notable for its expanded specialization, which allows you to create informational, corporate and entertainment sites, online stores, forums and blogs, and in an unlimited number.

Other advantages are as follows:

  • Free distribution of the full version . That is, the CMS is simply downloaded and used without any restrictions, after which it needs to be independently supplemented with extensions and other components.
  • Availability of open source code . This is one of the controversial points, as it is possible to make changes and additions to the site at any time, but only professionals can do this.
  • Functional administration panel . In particular, it allows you to install any plugins, modules and snippets, for the maximum possible expansion of the basic functionality of the engine.
  • High level of flexibility . This is one of the few unique advantages of the system, often unavailable to many other CMS, which allows you to create multifunctional sites of almost any level of complexity from scratch.
  • Russian interface . More precisely, its Russified version, one of many that can be selected after installing the engine, which contains quite detailed official information.
  • Delimitation of access rights for users . Thanks to this function, visitors can be assigned various statuses that allow / prohibit them from performing certain actions and tasks on the site.
  • Availability of a multifunctional SEO module . It is one of the most notable advantages of the engine, thanks to which the possibilities of technical optimization of the site for the requirements of search engines are expanded.
  • Distribution of free updates . Since MODx is not among the leaders, its developers have a lot to work on, improving the functionality and increasing the level of security, and new releases are released regularly.
  • Extended choice of hosting . Another point that deserves attention and is expressed in the fact that the system is unpretentious to the quality of hosting, so it can be installed on the vast majority of web servers.

Disadvantages of MODx

In fact, CMS MODx does not create special difficulties and problems for the webmaster in working on the site. But the biggest negative is that with all its positive qualities, almost all of them have a downside, in terms of limitations. The main disadvantage of the engine is its complexity.

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Even users with experience in creating websites need the help and support of specialists of a broad profile. The entire list of MODx disadvantages is as follows:

  • Extremely complex interface . It brings chaos and disorder to the process of creating a site, given the unusual administration panel, the unclear purpose of the tools and the use of its terminology.
  • Difficulties with editing the design . The possibilities are too limited. Not everyone will be able to cope with editing the template. To solve such a problem, you need to know: HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.
  • Limited number of ready-made templates . In this part, the engine is characterized by an almost complete absence of themes for website design.
  • Problems with official documentation . Despite the fact that it actually exists, moreover, in a Russian-language version, this documentation is too difficult to understand and comprehend for an ordinary person.

There are many other, not too positive moments and inconveniences associated with the difficulty of perceiving MODx. This is the absence of a technical support service for users, the almost complete absence of training materials and a limited number of specialists who are well acquainted with the engine.

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