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Learn to create a podcast with Google


In its press release, the Corporation announced the start of recruitment for a free course for authors of audio and video Internet content, which will begin in September. The series of webinars was created in cooperation with the PRX company. The program includes an intensive educational course for beginners in the field of podcasting, the so-called accelerator, and a number of online trainings. The purpose of the event is to help beginners get started and become real pros in this area. The training will be completely virtual and will last twelve weeks. The luminaries of this region and recent graduates of previous launches who showed high results will act as teachers.

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The program includes:

  1. interactive classes on sound design, storytelling and methods of attracting customers
  2. online consultations of specialists on all issues of podcast creation and promotion
  3. students will have access to all necessary equipment and software to work on their project
  4. a financial cushion of twelve thousand US dollars for a successful start
If you are interested in the offer, do not delay, fill out the form here. The deadline for submission is August 2. Important: candidates who speak English at the level of "understand, speak, can even joke" can take part in the training. The second condition was the presence of at least five already published podcasts. If this is you, don't miss your chance.

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