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From November 2020, scanning will be via HTTP2


November will bring changes in the lives of site owners: scanning will become much better. However, this will not be reflected in the speed of work and ranking. Why make efforts and make changes? According to Google employees, this will help save server resources. The bot opens one connection, but transfers several files at the same time, without additional connections. This approach saves time.

Not all sites are subject to the new scanning method in full, but only those registered with this protocol. The program automatically finds out which scanning method is more suitable. Google does not promise an improvement in ranking, using a new protocol will help reduce time, which gives small advantages in work.

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The November changes will not affect all web platforms at once. First, the process will be tested on those who signed the protocol. Site owners do not need to make additional efforts, the entire process is fully automated. Using the link, you can check if you have access to the new scanning method.

If you haven't had time to switch to the new option, don't rush to switch until the others are fully tested. After successful completion of the process, users will be given the opportunity to sign the new protocol. A letter will be sent to owners of content that is scanned in the new way.

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