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The best photo stocks and picture exchanges, where to get pictures for the site


Any site that is promoted in search engines must contain not only solid sheets of text, but also other types of content. In particular, graphic. Pictures in SEO play far from the last role: they dilute the text, improve the usability of the site , have a positive effect on behavioral factors (users study the page longer, etc.).

But there is one nuance: the images must be unique. If you simply download a picture from the Internet, there is a possibility of copyright infringement. What to do?

The easiest option is to use free stock photos. Similar services allow you to use the uploaded pictures at your own discretion. Sometimes they have certain nuances prescribed in the rules, but in most cases there are no restrictions.

There are many sites of this type, so you can always find web resources for free download of pictures. And to make this task easier for you, we will consider the best stock photos that are used by millions of users around the world.

This is one of the best shareware photo stocks. About 47 million images are available for free download. And every week, 300,000 new pictures are added to the service. There are also paid images starting at 20 cents and a separate section with short videos.

To download pictures, you need to log in to the site (by first registering). There is a Russian version on the service - it is poorly translated, but you can use it.

Today, is the best free photo stock, which leads the TOP sites of this type. It is used by designers and webmasters from different countries around the world. True, when a picture is downloaded by hundreds (if not thousands) of users, it quickly becomes not unique.


This service has more than 720,000 pictures that are not protected by copyright. For this, he received an honorable second place on the list. Images can be used for any purpose - there are no restrictions here.

Another feature of the photo stock is that before downloading the picture, you can choose the desired size (from small to large). And for this you don't even need to register. There is also a Russian version here, so using the site is very easy.

The third in the list of photo stocks is Offers users more than 380 thousand images. They are divided by categories, which makes it much easier to find the pictures you need.

Main features of the service:

  • Russian version of the site;
  • search by key queries;
  • premium section with paid pictures.

The last point is important for those who are looking for unique photos. The cost of pictures is small, but it scares away most users. The number of downloads will be small, which is necessary in this case.


This service emphasizes the quality of pictures. The number of images here is small, so the selection here is modest. However, the minimum size of any photo is from 2400x1600 pixels (these are the requirements of the site). Therefore, if you need high-quality images, this service will probably be the best option.

You can download photos for free and for any purpose. All you need to do is register and log in to the site.

This is one of the most popular services with a huge database of images. Allows you to use the photo for any purpose: personal, commercial, educational.

But the site has one downside. It allows you to download images for free, only if their width does not exceed 400 pixels. You will have to pay for other images.

Popular photo stock with free download of pictures. Offers more than 85 thousand images that can be used for non-commercial purposes.

Key features:

  • keyword search;
  • division into thematic sections;
  • the possibility of uploading photos without registration.

All images are absolutely free. In addition, there is a "Support/Donate" button on the site. In such a simple way, any user can, if desired, thank the authors for high-quality pictures.

This service has been operating for more than 12 years. Initially, it was created as a commercial project, but after 2 years, its creators changed their decision. Now this photo stock is free and allows you to download pictures without registration.

The service has a general search and thematic categories. This is quite enough to quickly find suitable pictures.

Images can be used only for non-commercial purposes related to design activities or website creation. Reselling images or profiting in any other way is prohibited.

Photostick works on the principle of Freeware and offers free access to the entire image database. And quite high-quality (in high expansion).

You can use pictures for any purpose - personal and commercial. And you don't need to get any permits.

There is also a good online graphic editor here. With its help, you can quickly "polish" the picture, if the situation requires it.

This service was created by creative agency LEEROY. Offers high-quality copyrighted photos that are allowed to be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

You can download pictures without registration. However, a window often pops up asking you to log in via Facebook or Twitter and share a link to the photo gallery with your friends.

The latter service offers "free pictures for creative people, created by creative people." This is the slogan of this stock photo.

You can download any pictures without registration - just agree to the service rules. Downloaded images are allowed to be used for commercial purposes - but only with an indication of the author.

The platform partly resembles a social network for photographers, where they can share their work. Curses are also present here.


The best photo stocks that are popular among webmasters, designers, and photographers were listed above. With their help, you can once and for all solve the problem of finding graphic content for the site.

All photo stocks are free, and some of them support the Russian language. Try different services and bookmark the best ones. When working on the internal optimization of the site, you will need these photo stocks more than once.

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Read more: Was the publication informative? Then share it on social networks and join our Telegram channel. We remind you that the hosting company CityHost provides inexpensive hosting services for sites of any complexity. For technical questions, contact us via online chat or by phone ?? 0 800 219 220.

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