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Quality content is the key to successful site promotion. Everyone says this: SEO-optimizers, owners of SEO-blogs, people who conduct online seminars. But few people talk about where to get it. Of course, the best option is to write it yourself. But what to do when there is no such opportunity or simply lack of time?

In this case, the eTXT copywriting exchange will come to the rescue. It was created precisely for this purpose: so that customers can find artists to write high-quality content.

Types of tasks that can be ordered on eTXT

The eTXT exchange allows you to order:

  1. SEO copywriting. In this case, keywords are provided in the TK, for which you need to optimize the future text.
  2. Copywriting. Writing unique content from a certain number of sources (specified by the customer) without keywords.
  3. Rewrite. Writing unique content using information from a source provided by the customer.
  4. Translation. Creation of unique content based on information taken from foreign sites.
  5. Text editing. Proofreading and correction of errors: punctuation, spelling, stylistic.

As you can see, the choice on eTXT is large. You can buy really high-quality content on the exchange, the main thing is to find a smart performer and correctly draw up a TOR.

How to work with the eTXT exchange?

Working with eTXT is easy. Yes, there are certain nuances here, but in general everything is standard (as on other exchanges).

To get started, you need to register on eTXT. The procedure is standard, but there is one important point - look at the "Status" line. If you plan to hire copywriters to create content, then select the "Customer" item.

Then an email will be sent to the specified e-mail with a link to activate the account.

To place an order and search for artists, you need to top up your account. Various methods are available to choose from: bank card, Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, etc. Also, keep in mind that for each order, the service takes a 10% commission, which is divided in half between you and the artist. And if you want, for example, to order a text for 200 rubles, then the account must be topped up by 210 rubles (+5% on top). The exchange also has a small collection service, the amount of which you will see before payment.

By the way, on eTXT you can not only order the writing of texts, but also buy ready-made ones (any content is suitable for internal optimization - the main thing is that it is of high quality). A separate section has been created for this purpose. With the help of filters, you can quickly find texts of the desired topic or price, familiarize yourself with them, check for compliance with the requirements and buy. There is nothing complicated here.

But ordering a text on the eTXT copywriting exchange is a little more difficult, so we will consider this procedure in more detail.

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How to order a text on the eTXT copywriting exchange: step-by-step instructions

Placing an order for text writing is carried out in several stages:

  1. Create an order. Go to your personal eTXT account and select the "Place order" option.
  2. In the new window, write the technical specifications for the artist, filling in the appropriate fields: name, type of work (copywriting, rewriting, translation), category, key requests, deadlines, level of difficulty (for example, so that experienced copywriters can apply, but beginners cannot), cost for 1000 characters. Additionally, you can attach files if the situation requires it.
  3. Click the "Save order" button. If the required amount is available on the account, the application will become visible to all performers.
  4. Study the applications of copywriters. Carefully look at the profile of each artist, his rating, portfolio, reviews. Also check the number of completed jobs, availability in white and black lists. You need to entrust the execution of the order to the most competent copywriter.
  5. Check the work done. When the performer submits the text, a message will appear in your personal account. Check the work for compliance with the requirements for uniqueness, volume, frequency of keywords. Then read the text, make sure that it is written correctly and without errors.
  6. Take the job. If the result is satisfactory, accept the order. The previously specified amount will be automatically deducted from your account and transferred to the copywriter's account.

If the result is not satisfactory, you can send the text for revision. If the executor refuses, you can turn to Arbitration to resolve the issue. In most cases, the exchange administration sides with the customer, so working with this service is completely safe.

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You can also find an artist without creating a new order. The exchange has a database of authors that you can study and thus select the appropriate copywriters. To save time, use filters to find a good performer faster.

All information about the order is displayed in the personal account. Here it shows:

  • the number of tasks awaiting applications;
  • applications from authors;
  • order in progress;
  • tasks awaiting verification (the contractor has already submitted the work);
  • completed orders.

As a nice bonus, the text checking tools of the eTXT exchange are offered. There is both a desktop program that needs to be installed on a computer and an online service.

Both tools check the uniqueness of texts. And they cope with it no worse than the similar Advego service. And maybe even better, since there are an order of magnitude more settings here.


The eTXT exchange is a good option for obtaining high-quality content. It has many advantages: its own system of testing authors (to determine their literacy), affordable prices, free tools for checking the uniqueness of the text. And you can search for artists in different ways: by manually studying the database of copywriters or by placing an order.

The only drawback is the not quite clear interface. But after placing a couple of orders, you will quickly understand everything. Especially if you use the above instructions.

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