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How to pay by cashless payment from a legal entity (enterprise)?

When paying any invoice of our company, you can issue an invoice for payment by non-cash payment from the company's account (payment from a legal entity).

  1. When creating an account, select legal as the type of payment. a person
  2. Fill in the necessary details:

  3. Download the invoice and send it to the accounting department for payment:

  • The originals of the documents, signed by EDS, will be sent to you within 14 days to the selected document management system. If you have not received the documents, please write a letter in free form to, where you indicate the number of the invoice issued by the system, to which program to send the documents and details of the organization for their formation in electronic form.
  • All overpayments are made according to the amount specified in the invoice. VAT for services is not paid separately, and it is not included in the amount of the service, as our company is not a VAT payer
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