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How to pay for services through the terminal?

For payment through Ibox, EasyPay, 24NONSTOP, Tyme, QIWI terminals. etc. You need to know the top-up amount and your account ID.
You can find out your ID in your personal account in the Account Settings section 

 When making a payment, you must:

  1. on the terminal, using the service catalog, select the "Other services" button;
  2. find and select the logo of the company;
  3. enter your service code (ID - ******) and deposit funds.
  • The money will be credited to your balance within a few minutes after making the payment.
  • When using the terminal, you top up your personal account balance, after which you need to pay for the service in your personal account.
  • To pay for the service from your personal balance, you need to select the service, the extension period and click on the "CONTINUE" button.

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