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How to get payment documents for government organizations that make payments through the treasury?


We can provide you with a package of documents for payment: contract, invoice and acts of completed works. The founding documents of our company can be downloaded:

Certificate of registration of "Cityhost" LLC

To receive other documents, you need to have an account in the system. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get the documents. Follow her.

1. Log in to your account on the website (indicate your email address and password): . If you do not have an account, register: .

2. Issue invoices for services that need to be ordered or continued:

3. Download and fill out the contract: download .

In the contract, be sure to specify the details of your company and the full cost of the services (consisting of invoices issued). Leave the number and date blank.

4. Form a request to with the following content:

To pay for services, _________________ (indicate the name of the company) asks to provide:

Agreement (attached as a file);

Invoice account: ___________(specify one or more invoices issued in the CHNEW-**** system);

Acts of completed works according to the specified accounts;

___________________________ (specify other documents if necessary);

Please send the documents to: ______________________________________________ (indicate the full address: code, city, street, house number, office, other).

Be sure to attach the file with the completed contract!

If you need to make changes to the standard contract, do so by highlighting the changes in yellow and indicate this in the e-mail.

Documents for payment can be prepared up to 3 working days. Immediately after approval and signing, the documents will be sent to your postal address.

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