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What is DNS?

DNS - from the English Domain Name System (domain name system) - is a computer system that provides the necessary infrastructure for viewing information on the world wide web. The simplest explanation is as follows: it is a cluster of root servers that host the IP addresses of DNS servers, which in turn manage all registered domain names on the Internet.

Access to the servers is carried out through a digital IP address (Internet Protocol address). The main function of DNS servers is the translation of domain names into IP addresses. To obtain the required IP address in the network ( domain address record: A-record), your local computer sends a request to your Internet provider on its DNS server, which in turn returns the IP address to which you send the request. So, with such a structure, information about changes on the side of DNS servers does not happen instantly, and that is why time must pass from the moment of changes. Regulated time of applying changes in the DNS system = 72 hours.

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