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Why are there breadcrumbs on the website?


Breadcrumbs (ЧК, breadcrumbs) is a navigation chain that shows where the user of the site is now. Example:

Home > Headphones > Wireless headphones — for the online store;

Home > News of Ukraine > News of Kyiv — for the news portal.

Correctly configured HCs give the site visitor answers to the following three questions:

  1. Where am I in relation to the home page?
  2. Where can I go from where I am now?
  3. What will I see on the pages I can access through HK?

What is the benefit of breadcrumbs for search engine optimization

  • Improve usability - with the help of breadcrumbs, visitors immediately understand clearly where they are and how to get to a particular section or category.
  • There is a method of internal relinking - in this way, the correct redistribution of link weight is achieved and important pages are promoted.
  • Displayed in search results - correctly configured URLs are displayed in search engine results instead of the full URL and help users to quickly find their way on the page, whether they will find what they were looking for.
  • Behavioral factors improve — users spend more time and visit more pages on sites with breadcrumbs installed and configured.

Features and rules for creating a navigation chain

  1. It is a common practice to place the breadcrumbs of the site in the form of a horizontal line, regardless of the CMS it works on. Although there are no prohibitions on their vertical arrangement.
  2. The design of the navigation chain should be combined with the overall design of the site and not stand out too much against the background of other elements of the web page.
  3. The breadcrumbs element that defines the page the user is on must be non-clickable. Otherwise, it causes circular links (links that lead to the same web page on which they are located). And such links, firstly, confuse visitors, and secondly, they are not approved by search engines.
  4. The last element of the site navigation chain (for example, a product card, news or article) should not be displayed in the HC.
  5. Do not use too many keywords in HC - this increases the risk of falling under the filter of search engines.
  6. If an online resource is created in such a way that breadcrumbs impair usability or confuse visitors, do not use them.

Knowing what breadcrumbs are and applying the recommendations from this article in practice, you will accelerate the promotion of an online store, portal or blog to the top of Google and Yandex, and make the site understandable for both visitors and web crawlers.

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