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How to install CMS OpenCart


OpenCart is a popular free engine for creating online stores. According to the data of BuiltWith Pty Ltd, it ranks 6th in the world ranking of e-commerce platforms and the first place in this ranking for Ukraine. You can install this content management system both on virtual hosting and on a virtual server (VDS).

There are at least 7 reasons why you should be interested in installing OpenCart on hosting if you are going to create an online store:

  • Intuitive admin interface.

  • Thousands of articles and reference materials on using and configuring the engine are easily found on the web.

  • More than 13 thousand extensions available in the catalog on the platform website.

  • Lots of free themes to change the design of your online store.

  • Multilingualism.

  • Manage multiple e-commerce sites from a single admin panel.

  • SEO-friendly.

How to install OpenCart on hosting using FTP

To install OpenCart on virtual hosting, follow the instructions:

  1. Create a new database. If you rent cheap hosting from CityHost , in the main menu of the admin panel, select "Hosting 2.0", click the "Manage" button in the line with the site domain and go to the MYSQL tab. Click the "Create database" button, and in the pop-up window, select utf8 encoding, specify the database name, username and password, and then click the "Create" button.

  2. Go to and click the FREE DOWNLOAD button in the site header.

  3. Click the DOWNLOAD NOW button and save the downloaded zip archive to your hard drive. Unzip it.

  4. Open the FileZilla FTP client and add your site by going to File > Site Manager... The details for connecting via the FTP protocol are specified in the hosting control panel. If you host your site on CityHost, you can find them by going to Hosting 2.0 > Manage > FTP.

  5. In the lower right window of FileZilla, go to the root directory of the site, in the lower left - to the upload folder, which is contained in the directory of the unpacked OpenCart zip archive.

  6. Select all the items in the upload folder (Ctrl + A), right-click (PCM) and select "Upload". If you get a "The final file already exists" message during upload, select the "Overwrite" radio button, check "Always perform this action" and click "OK".

  7. Rename the files config-dist.php in the root directory of the site and in the admin directory to config.php, and then change their access rights to 0755 or 0777. To do this, right-click on the file, select "File permissions...", specify in the field "Numeric value" 755 or 777 and click "OK". The preparatory stage is over and we can start installing Openkart.

  8. Open your website in the browser and click CONTINUE. Make sure that on the page that opens, in each line in the Status column there is a green check mark or the value Writable and click CONTINUE.

  9. Enter the data of the previously created database, as well as the e-mail address, login and password for entering the OpenCart admin. Press CONTINUE.

  10. Connect to the site using the FTP client FileZilla and delete the install directory from the root directory (PCM > Delete).

How to install OpenCart using CityHost's autoinstaller

If you host your site with us, you can install Openkart in just a couple of clicks using the auto-installer integrated into the control panel:

  • Create a new database. Read above on how to do this.

  • Select "Hosting" from the main menu, click "Manage" in the line with the site's domain. Go to the "Sites" tab and also click the "Manage" button, then click "Install" under the line "CMS auto-installation".

  • In the pop-up window, open the drop-down list, in which the types of CMS are specified, and select OpenCart, specify the login data for the admin panel, as well as the database data. Click the button "Install" and "Confirm".

As soon as the content management system is installed, you will receive a letter with authentication data and a link to the engine admin. The question of how to install OpenCart is solved and you can start localizing the site, changing the design, adding new functions with the help of add-ons, creating new categories and filling in products.

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