Help and support

Search for information in the FAQ in the control panel

The account control panel has a built-in search in the FAQ section, which contains all service descriptions, instructions and explanations. In it you can find answers to most questions - what is a domain , hosting and a dedicated server , how to order services, how to work with an account and many other useful information. The section contains more than 300 articles written by our technical specialists to help customers.

The search bar is located at the top left of the control panel.

To find the answer you need, enter a keyword or phrase in the line - for example, "hosting", "SSH", "SSL", "email", "FTP password". It is not necessary to enter the question completely. In response, the search module will return articles that contain this word, and not only in the titles, but also in the text of the instructions.

An interesting feature of the search module is the hints, which look like green circles with numbers. While in a certain section, you can see the main articles about this service recommended for reading by technical support. For example, there are six articles on hosting, 19 on domains, and 9 on VDS.

To see a list of instructions, you just need to put the cursor in the search bar, going to the section about which you need to learn basic information. These are the main materials, but in fact, you can find much more by entering the appropriate query.

You can read articles from the FAQ even if you do not have a registered account - the link to the collection of instructions is located in the header of the website - the FAQ section.