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Creating a mailbox from CityHost

To create a mailbox, you need to go to the Hosting 2.0 menu , find the required hosting account , click " Management " , find and open the " Mail " menu . Open the " Mail domains " tab , click " Add mail domain " , where you select the domain on which the mail will work from the list

After adding a mail domain, you need to create mailboxes . Click on the " Mailboxes " drop-down menu , " Add a mailbox " :

We prescribe the settings for the box :

In additional sections , you can configure " Aliases " , that is , non-existent mailboxes to which mail can be sent .

" Maximum size " to limit the size of the mailbox , if necessary

" Send copies of letters to e - mail " , add boxes to which you can forward all the mail of the current box . The checkbox " Never save to mailbox " is responsible for setting up the saving of letters in the current mailbox , if you check the box , the letters will not be stored on the server , but will only be forwarded to the mailbox that you specified in the field "Send copies of letters to e-mail".

After adding the box, we will see a message with the settings :

All necessary settings for mail clients can be found in the drop-down menu " Settings for mail client " . You can also enter the web version of the Roundcube client here :

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