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How can I check which PHP settings are currently installed?

Checking the settings through the hosting functionality


Enter the control panel of ? go to the desired hosting ? open the settings of the desired site ? click the PHPINFO button. Please note that this functionality works only if the domain is directed to the hosting, if the domain is not directed, the functionality will not work and an error will be displayed instead.


As a result, a list of php settings will open in the form of a table.



Checking the settings by creating a phpinfo file


Create a phpinfo.php file in the directory with your site (for this you need to go to FTP, open the www folder and find the folder with the name of the site), write the function below in it and save the changes to the file.


<?php phpinfo();


Go to the file through a browser and a list of php settings will open in the form of a table.



Pay attention! The php settings may differ depending on the selected version, for example, one version of php may not have extensions that are present in another version, because the extension may not have support for a specific version of php.

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