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Rules for using the SMS-service

The SMS service provided by Cityhost is not intended for large-scale SMS-mailing or advertising campaigns. Its functionality is mainly aimed at website owners who intend to inform their site visitors and customers about important events. Therefore, when using this service, you should take into account some minor features.



It is allowed to send one-time passwords from websites, information about Nova Poshta/Ukrposhta invoices, invoices for services, bank card numbers, notifications from websites about the end of subscriptions, notifications about password recovery, registration, and other system notifications that do not contain direct advertising of services and are not explicit spam.


It is forbidden

Send emails with explicit advertising of any services, betting, casinos, spam, offers to get quick money and some dubious payments, etc.


Advertising emails are allowed only if you have registered alpha name. To register an alpha name, please follow this link. Advertising of betting, casinos, fast money, etc. is prohibited even if you have an alpha name.

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