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How to register an Alpha name?

Alpha name registration rules

The alpha name must be consonant with the domain name, so, for example, to order the name MyStore:
• the use of the domain,, etc. is allowed
• not allowed / / /, etc.


The site must contain a contact page with the data of the legal entity, in case there is no separate page — the data of the legal entity must be in a prominent place. The contact page must contain:
• Name of the organization or full name of the individual entrepreneur
• EDRPOU code or identification code
• actual address of the organization
• contact phone number and e-mail for communication.


The site specified in the application must be working at the time of processing the application. The information from the application must be relevant and true.


It is forbidden to register an alpha name for advertising bets, casinos, spam, offers to get quick money and any dubious payments.


To register an alpha name you need to

1. Go to the service control panel -> SMS service -> alphanumeric names -> Add a new name.



2. Fill out the application for alpha name registration



3. At the end of the application, click the Save button.


At this stage, there are 2 options for the development of events — the application will be immediately sent to the mobile operator for consideration or canceled if the application does not meet the requirements. If the application is canceled, you will receive information about the reasons for its cancellation.


The average time for verification and consideration of the application by the mobile operator is up to 4 weeks, and the registration process is free.

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