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What is a domain?

A domain name is the address of a site on the Internet, which you enter in the browser's address bar to access its content. Each domain is unique and cannot be repeated. Most often, a domain name is selected based on the type of activity. For more successful promotion of your site, it is better that the domain name is easy to remember and shorter. There are many different domain zones, both international and regional. The cost of domain names in these zones is different. Some zone administrators set special requirements or restrictions for those who want to register their company or domain. The minimum domain registration period is 1 year .

Domain and hosting are two completely different services, independent of each other, but without which the existence of the site is not possible. Hosting is the place where the content of the site is placed, and the domain tells Internet providers where exactly to take this content. In fact, when you enter your domain in the browser, the Internet provider looks at where the domain is directed, addresses the server on which your site is located, and the hosting already gives the content to you, thanks to which you see this or that site.

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