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About the domain zone .SN


At the end of the eighties of the last century, a special domain .SN was developed for Switzerland, which is considered the most protected name in the world. Its advantage lies in the ability to cover not only the European market, but also China. Another plus is the minimal name: suppose you create a name from 3 to 63 characters, which makes it easy to remember. Not the last factor is the pleasant price, a little more than 50 $ per year and a term of use of up to 10 years.

Why you should buy a domain name from City Host

The goal of our company is to offer the buyer a quality product under acceptable conditions. Let's answer the key questions.

Who needs a domain?

Today, no business can grow outside of the Internet. The most popular way to find information is to "google it on the net". The clearer and juicier the selected text and video series is, the more it will attract buyers. Your own domain allows you to expand the possibilities of brand promotion: creating a trading platform, hosting a portfolio, blog or news. In a word, you create live content that becomes a powerful tool for increasing business profitability.

Choose a free name

The name of the site significantly affects the success of its work. The name allows you to outline the company's field of activity and identify the target audience. The right title will help to weed out "gaps" and focus informational efforts on real consumers.

We provide the possibility of domain registration in more than 300 zones. Our list of free names is constantly updated and has no limits. Create your business card in Cyrillic or Latin, regional or all-Ukrainian. There are practically no restrictions.

City Host is an expert in this area

Our fifteen-year experience is at your disposal. We are freely recommended by clients, because we guarantee success and high quality of the service provided. The Company's range of services is wide: domain registration, hosting , round-the-clock technical support, consulting.

Start successfully and develop with us

We offer to get an SSL certificate for free . This will reduce data protection costs. Its implementation will take a few minutes. It allows you to ensure the preservation of information and will prevent cyber attacks. The mailbox displays the name of the site, increasing its popularity.

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