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Ordering additional services (IP, licenses, monitoring)

If necessary, you can order and connect additional services to your dedicated or virtual server. The list of additional services includes:

Additional IPv4 address(es).

By default, all VDS and DS servers are equipped with one dedicated IPv4 address. Depending on whether you have a VDS or a DS server, a number of additional IPv6 addresses may be connected to it. Maximum additional addresses for VDS — 2 pcs. , for DS in Ukraine — 2 pcs. , for DS in Germany — 6 pcs . The cost of additional addresses is added to the base cost of the server. During the connection, a one-time payment is made to allocate an IPv4 address and fix it on the server.

Additional RDP licenses

By default, Windows Server allows a limited number of concurrently active remote desktop sessions. If more RDP users need to connect to the server, this can be done by ordering additional RDP licenses. A more detailed description of the service [link] .

Load monitoring service

We will carry out round-the-clock monitoring of the server's performance and the load on its physical resources, such as disk, processor, network, etc. If the load increases or something goes wrong, we will notify you about it by e-mail, SMS or a call to the contact phone number, so that you can take appropriate actions to eliminate the problem in advance.

Administration and monitoring service

This service offers 3 hours of work by our system administrator on your server per month and includes a load monitoring package. Our employees will carry out the necessary work on your server in accordance with the agreed technical task. The list of available works to be carried out on the server is available [at the link] .

How to order additional services

You can order additional services both at the stage of ordering the server by checking the corresponding service items, and after ordering the server in the server control panel.

To order additional services, go to the [ control panel] ? go to the control panel of your server ? go to the [basic information] tab ? find the [additional services] block and click [order]

Please note the following important points:

????The cost of additional services is calculated based on the validity of the server in months.

????When extending the server, the validity period of additional services will be extended as well - their cost will be included in the basic cost of the server.

????Additional services can be ordered only on the extended server. The minimum period of validity of the server for ordering additional services is 6 days .

????In case of cancellation of the additional service, no refund is made.