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How to change the VDS (VPS) tariff?

Arbitrary customization of VPS (VDS) parameters, namely: CPU, RAM, disk volume - is not possible,
only by changing the tariff package to one of the available ones.

change the tariff plan of your VDS , go to your control panel :
[link to the control panel]
Next : [ VDS / DS - Management - Server Management ] :

After that, select [ CHANGE TARIFF ] from the " CHOOSE ACTION " list :

If there are not enough funds in the account to change the tariff plan - select the tariff plan you need and click on the button [ Write the bill AND GO TO PAYMENT ] :

The operation of changing the tariff plan for VDS is available only from the funds on the personal balance . You can top up your balance using [instructions]


If there are enough funds on your internal balance , you need to select the desired tariff plan and click on the [ EXECUTE ACTION ] button :

- the cost of changing the tariff plan includes the difference in cost between the tariff plans without reducing the validity of the server, that is, the date remains the same.
- after confirmation of the tariff plan change, your server will be rebooted once;
- after reboot, the parameters of the new tariff plan will be set for the server;
- the process of changing the tariff plan takes up to 15 minutes;
- changing the tariff plan with a smaller disk volume is not possible, because there is a possibility of damaging the file system, accordingly, switching to a lower tariff plan is IMPOSSIBLE;


Expansion of disk space


Please note that for KVM virtualization, you will receive an additional unallocated space, which you can either mount in a new partition or merge with the current one.

In order to merge the space with the current partition (expand the volume of the current disk), you can submit a written request to us from your personal account, for this action to be performed by our specialists:
— during working hours, Mon-Fri, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., free of charge;
— during non-working hours - according to the tariff [PAY TECH. SUPPORTS];

The procedure for increasing the disk space can be performed only after the actual change of the tariff plan.