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What is VDS/VPS?

A virtual dedicated server (Virtual Dedicated Server, VDS or Virtual Private Server, VPS ) is a software product that emulates the work of a physical server. At the same time, several VDS servers can be placed on one physical computer, each of which provides the user with full and independent access, control and management of resources similar to those provided by conventional servers. Each virtual server has its own processes, resources, configuration and separate administration.

Linux and Windows Server OS operating systems are used as a virtual server. Virtual machine technologies are usually used for emulation, in our case it is KVM .

The advantages of VDS servers over conventional hosting include:

  1. Root access . The user gets the opportunity to install and configure any software according to his needs.
  2. Hosting a large number of websites . Their number is limited only by allocated resources - the processor and the size of the RAM and hard disk.
  3. Placement of additional web services - mail server, FTP server, etc.
  4. Placement of sites with high attendance and resource intensity.
  5. Storage of various types of files, including archives.
  6. Dedicated IP address . Your server's IP will not have neighbors in the form of other sites.

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