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How much hosting space do you offer for mail?

The space for mail that can be used within one user hosting account is limited only by the amount of disk space provided in the tariff package ordered by you. That is, if you have ordered the Apartment tariff package, where according to the tariff, 10 GB of space is provided, then 10 GB of disk space will be allocated separately for mail.

Pay attention! For hosting tariff plans from the Unlim line, 30 GB of fixed disk space is provided for mail needs.

You can set the maximum number of mailboxes when creating a mail domain in the Mail - Add mail domain menu:



After creating a mail domain, you can see the maximum quota in the table:

right here in the table, you can edit the quota by clicking on the pencil icon, set the new value of the quota:

Further, after creating mailboxes, in the " Mailboxes " menu, you can look at the total volume for all occupied mailboxes and separately for each mailbox in the table:

If you receive the error " User quota exceeded " on one of your mailboxes, first of all, check the total space used by the mailboxes and the quota.

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