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Error 403

Error 403 - access is denied.


The main causes of occurrence:


  • The site files are located in the wrong directory, namely the index file index.php, index.html, index.htm is not found. Check that the site files are in the /www/мойсайт folder
  • An access block has been installed through the .htaccess file. Check the presence of Deny from all directives in the file, if there are any, delete them, or comment them by writing the # symbol before the directives.
  • Limited access through the control panel. In your control panel, check if there is a restrictive rule in the section Hosting 2.0 - Management - Sites - Access restrictions.
  • Access rights to files and folders have gone astray. You can restore it through Hosting 2.0 - Management - Management - restore rights


The error is described in more detail in our blog -

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